Contract Management

We Optimize the Contracting Process

Optimize Your Organization

Reduce Cost

Reduce your costs and free your team up by removing repetitive and tedious tasks from your workflow

Quickly Respond

Focus on relevant contract data with automated data discovery to allow teams to respond to contract inquiries faster

Get Results

Leverage advanced technology that know your documents, and does not miss words or gets tired

Accelerate Your Team’s Performance with IntellyDoc

  • Legal
    • Pre-approve contract templates and terms to empower your teams to negotiate without risk and avoid legal bottlenecks

    • Save time and review what’s important so that you can quickly respond

    • Focus on more nuanced and high-valued assignments Include people icons above each section. Similar to the format included in the other document

  • HR & Operations
    • Reduce toggling between various platforms to manage agreements

    • Save time by collaborating with teams during the negotiation phase and avoid the back-and-forth

    • Find exactly what you need without spending hours manually looking through documents

  • Sales
    • Leverage your CRM data to improve deal flow

    • Execute contracts with pre-approved terms to close deals sooner

    • Communicate more effectively with legal and other team members during the sales process

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