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About Us

Leveraging machine learning, IntellyDoc combines contract and document management, along with workflow automation into an integrated platform designed to create organizational efficiencies and improve business processes for organizations - small and large. 

Our Mission

IntellyDoc is transforming the future of work for legal and contract professionals.

Our integrated and advance machine learning solution helps legal, operations, and procurement teams streamline and automate the contract management process. We streamline the process to create organizational efficiencies and increase productivity so that teams can spend less time in the weeds, and more time on high-value organizational objectives. 


Yeah, that’s a problem!

Legal and contract professionals spend over 85% of their time on routine, manual tasks. These tasks are costly, time-consuming, and frot with inefficiencies. In today’s global economy, companies are struggling to remain competitive because of organizational inefficiencies and ability to respond quickly to the demands of the market.

These professionals also tend to experience low morale (hate to break it to you). The thought of - there has to be a better way or this is so not the best use of my time! Is a constant thought and they’d much rather work on strategic matters that truly advance the organization.

Our Founder

Bobby Robinson, Esq., MBA

Founder & CEO

Bobby combines his entrepreneurial spirit and experience as a corporate attorney to help lawyers #lovelegal again, and other business and contract professionals simply love what they do - making their work easy, efficient and impactful.


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