Template and Document Creation

Why reinvent the wheel? Whether you are generating a new document or working from a pre-approved template, with IntellyDoc, you can configure custom templates for your most common types of documents and have those populated with the most current data from any source, including Salesforce - expediting the process.

And, how do we know if we’re working from the latest version? With IntellyDoc’s version control, you’ll always know the answer to that question. Track changes and version - while working within the document.


Who has the ball? Why is it taking so long? Crap, we did not have a certain stakeholder weigh-in!!

We’ve all said this at some point in the contracting process. With IntellyDoc, you’re able to standardize your business processes and increase visibility at every step of your contract processes. After you’ve finalized a document, automate the review and approval process with customized workflows. Increase the internal efficiency of your teams by automatically sending documents to the appropriate people for review.


In an effort to enhance organizational efficiency, IntellyDoc allows your teams to spend less time on meetings and email, and more time getting things done. Teams can collaborate internally and externally with relevant parties before, during, and after the contract negotiation phase.


Gone are the days of having to print the agreement, sign it, scan it, email it over to the other party, and they repeat the cycle. With IntellyDoc, after your agreement has made it through the workflow, you can have both parties sign (internal and external) using our electronic signature feature, powered by DocuSign.

IntellyDoc Machine Learning - beta

IntellyDoc’s Machine Learning solution is deeply integrated into the platform, resulting in a unified experience that helps solve your unique business challenges.



Convert documents

Convert from a variety of file formats, including scanned or programmatic PDF, Microsoft Word docs and common image formats for subsequent enrichment and digital processing.


Automate Contract Review

Semantically tag unstructured contracts with relevant metadata. Use this data to power your contract review and risk avoidance practices. See your company’s default language and fallback positions for each clause to quickly and consistently red-line the contract within the platform.



Semantically align elements across contracts to highlight similarities and differences across contract versions and contract instances and templates. Your company will have the ability to extract this data into valuable reporting and actionable data. 


IntellyDoc works seamlessly with document management and other productivity solutions currently in your organization, allowing for a hassle-free transformation.


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